Why Record to an Android Device? Part 1 – Cost


As I have started writing articles about using Android devices for recording high-quality audio from XLR and USB microphones, the most common question that I have encountered is: “Why?!”

From comments like, “I don’t see the point” to “This is idiotic!”, many people don’t understand why anyone would turn to an Android device when it comes to recording high quality audio.

In this series of articles I will outline several simple reasons that people are recording to their Android devices and why it may even make sense for you.

Reason #1 – Cost

People are looking for cheap solutions for recording better audio!

This is the number one reason people start looking for a way to record to their Android device. They already own an Android device and they don’t want to spend the extra money on a stand-alone voice recorder or other device.

Why shell out an extra $200 if you can get the functionality you need in a device that y

ou already have?

Yes, I know that there are reasons to record to other devices. There are features found in other devices that aren’t yet available to Android audio enthusiasts, but for a great number of people those features may not matter.

Imagine a “newbie” in the audio realm who is looking to record something simple like the background for a family video, a podcast, or their child singing a song for the grandparents.

They don’t want to build a home recording studio or spend hundreds of dollars on audio equipment for their simple needs.

They aren’t happy with the audio that they are getting from a built-in computer or mobile device microphone. They want a simple upgrade. They are often looking for an inexpensive option to 

upgrade their audio.

Can they really beat picking up an inexpensive USB microphone and an OTG cable for less than $40 in total and getting that high quality audio recorded onto the mobile Android device that they may already own?

Yes, I know that you can also record to a computer or any number of more expensive devices, that people may or may not own. Unfortunately, many people do not have access to these devices and they are looking to save money and record to the Android device that they already own.

Do you use an Android device to record high-quality audio? Tell us why in the comments!
Personally, I can’t fault them and I hope to turn this website into a resource that will help these people along the way!

2 thoughts on “Why Record to an Android Device? Part 1 – Cost

  1. Bengt Littorin

    I use my phone for video production. I have a IRig pre for my balanced XLR mic. It gives excelent audio. However this only works for some of the dedicated sound recording apps not for the videorecording app. This is strange, but the video recording app only take sound from the built in mic. I have searched for information about the reason for this but cant find any. Have you any idea. Is this a general Android thing or a problem with the videorecording app or a problem with just a few android models. I use Samsung nexus and android version 4.2.1. Have you any knowledge about this?

  2. Best

    This sounds great, but standalone field recorders are getting cheaper–less than $100.00 for some models, and even cheaper with special sales. But, yes, if you already have an android, then $40 is a lot cheaper.


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