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paper authorWell it’s actually just me and my Android devices here. No staff of writers or army of interns. It’s just me, Rob Robideau, writing from a small village south of Kathmandu, Nepal. No, I don’t have a fast internet connection, so don’t expect any long HD videos, but between my daily mountain bike rides, you can expect me to provide you with carefully crafted articles to help you navigate the world of Android audio recording solutions, apps, and devices.

I started the Personal Armament Podcast back in 2009 and have been dabbling in new and innovative ways to record, edit and distribute high-quality recorded audio ever since. After I moved to Nepal in 2011, I picked up my first Android smartphone and my eyes were opened to a whole new world of technological possibilities. My current stable includes a Samsung Galaxy S3 and a Google/Asus Nexus 7. I hope you will join me and follow along as I discover and write about new and innovative ways to use Android devices for audio recording.

Bragging rights: I have flown bush planes in Alaska, jumped out of perfectly good airplanes, skied the Andes, never owned a television, broken more bones than I can remember, published several books, graduated from college, and currently drive a scooter and host a brand new podcast. Oh, and my wife finds me to be immensely handsome! What more could you possibly need to know?


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  1. Jonathan

    What is the benefit of using a USB mic versus a XLR mic? How does the sound quality compare. It seems like using an XLR mic with an Android device is a little easier; would you agree?

    Last question – I understand that free-standing mics are preferred to handset mics. Are there any (good quality) options for people who want something similar to a handset (fixed mic location, handsfree, etc.)?


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